I made this game in 5 hours for a game jam I decided to randomly make and do.

I live streamed it here: http://www.twitch.tv/StuffBySpencer/

And I tweeted about it here: https://twitter.com/StuffBySpencer

  • Click to move the monster around
  • Avoid the crates
  • Every once and a while, Santa will come by and drop a few presents, collect these to increase your score, which you can see by hitting F12 and going to the developers console (sorry about this, didn't have time to write it on screen)
  • Mo-Money, Mo-Problems (this doesn't apply to the game, I just don't know how to end this... how to say good bye... this is awkward...)

Made withPhaser
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button

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